Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I got an apartment!  I'm totally amazed, after the hoops they made me jump through.  Do you know that it just cost me a total of $13,999 to rent an apartment whose rent is $2695 per month?

We had two checks for $2695, of course, for rent and security.  Then we had a check for $4851 for the broker's fee.  Then we had a check for $2758 to the insurance company that let me pay them to insure that I would pay my rent.

So yesterday I went over, signed the lease, and I've got my apartment.  Or I thought I did. As soon as I got to Sarah's bar, Joe from my new building called me and told me he had forgotten to tell me to get yet ANOTHER damn check for pet deposit.  To the tune of $1000.

This last one almost killed me.  Pet deposit?  For CATS?  Cats only destroy their owners' things...not apartments.  Dogs will scratch the hell out of doors if they want to go out, but not cats, for God's sake.  What I really wanted to do at this point was go home, empty the cat litter box, and bring him its contents.  "You want pet deposits?  These are pet deposits."

But I am now the proud renter of a one-bedroom apartment in the East Village, with an excellent kitchen (that even has an ice-maker in the icebox)'s an open kitchen  with a breakfast bar, so I have tons of counter space and storage space...yay!  The bedroom is big, it's got good closet space, and altogether I am thrilled.

We have not mentioned the smoking question.  I'm sure that if I use my nice air purifiers I should be fine.  There's a laundry in this building with a nice garden outside it, and said garden has benches...AND OUTDOOR ASHTRAYS.  This gives me hope.

Oh, and I found out at the lease signing that this place even has a free concierge service, for heaven's sake.  And they'll be perfectly happy to help me get a mover and all kinds of good stuff.  For free!  Wow.

Meanwhile, my turkey is defrosting in cold water in the kitchen sink,and I'm probably going to have way too much food tomorrow because there's only about six of us...and I've finally managed to get all the shopping done without ONCE obsessing about the green beans!  I think that's progress.  Of course, now I'm obsessing about what on EARTH I'm going to do with what's bound to be a mountain of leftovers...

Happy Thanksgiving, all!

Love, Wendy


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Anonymous said...

Wow! Who knew you were interested in apts in India... no wonder hunting was so hard... you were on the wrong continent! Actually, that's just spooky! Phised much:)
Congrats on your bonafide apt, Texas Beth

Jane Kilpatrick Schott said...

How wonderful Wendy! I am just thrilled for you! A concierge too! I have been so busy have not had time for posts or even comments of late. Money coming my way and I am not going to turnoff the tap until I have some debts advance. No travel of late, but hope, eternal hope, to get to NYC sometime soon.
Be well, I am delighted we are both comfy in our little pensions!

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