Wednesday, November 9, 2011


In case you've been wondering, I have been missing in action because I have been cleaning my house.

This is because, of course, my year of exile in Chelsea is just about over and I am moving, moving, moving, back below 14th Street where I damn well belong.  In an apartment where I can friggin' SMOKE.  The front stoop here is charming, and I have many good friends among the dogs in the neighborhood, many of whom want to sit in my lap.  Well, you know, I'm OUT there all the damn time.  And I'm an easy mark for any friendly dog that wanders by...I love dogs and would have one, except for my wonky hours (you really can't leave a dog alone for a possible eighteen know, by the time I go out, hit a location bus, and then go out and have a couple of beers at the end of the day).  Not to mention the fact that I distinctly remember the days when we DID have a dog, and despite all promises to the contrary, guess who was out there with the dog at 6 AM in subzero temperatures?  Yeah.  Anyway, Dweezil and Moon Unit (otherwise known as the Insane Cat Posse) keep me busy enough.

So.  The house.  It really is a perfectly nice apartment (now that I can see it), presuming I A. wanted to be in Chelsea to begin with, which I don't, and B. that I could smoke in it.  And Maria, the odd gal from whom I sublet this, actually wanted to know why I didn't want to renew my lease.  She seemed quite shocked when I told her I wanted to smoke indoors.  But it is now painfully clean, which means I really have to find a new place soon before I get a chance to filth it up track record on keeping ANY apartment clean isn't the best.  Although when I get going, I do quite a good job...really, you could eat off the floor, except that you'd have to fight the cats for anything that was down there.

And we still have to have Thanksgiving here...oy.

Tomorrow I am meeting with a nice lady named Joanna who is going to show me apartments.  Watch this space for the hunt details! 

And cross your fingers that I can manage to keep this apartment together long enough for Maria to rent it again and, importantly, NOT to retain my security deposit.

Love, Wendy

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