Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Apartment Hunt - Day 1

I have just been shown (by a very nice lady named Joanna), three identical apartments on one floor in one building.  Why on earth I should have looked at all three of them is somewhat beyond me, since they were identical.  They were also all tiny studios...even if I WANTED to swing the cats (which sounds dangerous, since most cats of my acquaintance don't want to be swung), I couldn't.  Not to mention no storage space in the kitchen and no closet space...and they don't want smokers.  And what is the matter with that floor in that building that there are THREE apartments available simultaneously?  Mice? Rats? Dragons?

Onward and upwards...

Love, Wendy


Jane Kilpatrick Schott said...

Oh, Wendy, I remember your last move! I am sorry to hear that you are doing it again, but this time I bet they don't pull any shit on you about smoking, and being able to live in your own space as you like. Three vacancies on one floor...yes, weird! Happy Hunting!

Carolyn said...

If you want swinging cats -- and really, who doesn't in their heart of hearts? -- you probably could get a nice Graco or Playskool swing left in the back corner from Rosemary's baby, which is why ALL those apartments are empty at once. Check again. You know I'm right.

Kimberly said...

Please do not swing cats hahaha! I don´t think they like that LOL
So they were really small? I hate it when that happens because you feel like if you want to be separated from you roommate you can´t. Last year I went to Argentina and got one of those furnished apartments in buenos aires. The good thing was that they were so big that I was able to spend a whole day without seeing my boyfriend if I wanted to.