Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Om Nom Nom

I am not Saint Tiger Lily, nor was meant to be, but oh, my God, what a meal I just had.

It was our friend Trish's birthday and we went to a restaurant called Public on Elizabeth Street, and here's what I had:

We all absolutely had to try the kangaroo, which arrived on coriander falafel cakes and tastes like filet mignon. Then Sarah and I (because we are Brussels sprouts freaks) HAD to eat their fried sprouts with lemon-miso sauce. I followed that up with roast lamb loin with (take a DEEP breath) caper piquillo salsa, cauliflower puree, braised chard and a wheatberry, romanesco and sweetbread salad. Oddly, this didn't turn into a homogenous mess either on the plate or the palate...it was just amazing.

Meanwile, they kept bringing us little things to taste...like a dollop of something pureed, salty-ish and green on a little disk of what I think might have been jicama. It was too white to be mushroom, but maybe it was...it seemed to be just a little too limp for jicama. Anyway, whatever it was tasted terrific.

Then I finished up with sticky toffee pudding in a large pool of caramel sauce with Armagnac ice cream.

Oh, and did I mention they kept bringing up little treats of drinks? Like the beautifully dry champagne and the bourbon and something palate cleanser just before dessert?

And did I mention that this all cost about $70?

Anybody wanna join me at Public NEXT week so I can nom my way through the rest of the menu? There's this venison with goat cheese dumplings...

Love, Wendy

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