Saturday, January 29, 2011

It's SO Nice To Be Wrong

Well, I will be damned. My extremely boring day - well, you try spending eight hours going up and down an escalator. You think I'm kidding? Welcome to the wonderful world of movie making. Anyway, my dull day was nicely broken up by:

1. A huge grin from Sarah Jessica Parker.

2. A WINK and grin from Pierce Brosnan. Well, since I've been completely mad about this guy since the old Remington Steele days, my knees literally went weak. And I am delighted to tell you that while there are signs of wear here and there, but hoo boy...he's still unbelievably gorgeous. And an absolute sweetheart. He made of point of talking to and engaging with us background people and was an absolute doll all day.

Unless you're in this business, you have no idea what a difference this makes. We're out there doing this mind-numbingly dull repetitive work all day, sometimes in vile conditions, and when the stars of the movie have the attitude that we're all professionals and we're all in this just makes the whole day sing. And yes, there are those actors (no, dears, Mother doesn't mention names in that context) who are complete shits and wouldn't help you up if they knocked you down.

So what a lovely day I had!

Now I'm going to take out some garbage and have a cigarette while defrosting my dinner. I went shopping again today and am now the proud owner of actual hooks for people to hang coats on, an actual laundry hamper, and neat places to put my collection of dish towels and cleaning cloths and potholders, and a neat new knife holder. And did I mention that I got gorgeous new sheets and a whole comforter set? I may actually be moving in here...

Love, Wendy

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Anonymous said...

Yea! What a difference a day can make... that's my mantra for ... well... staying on earth:)
So... being a huge SJP fan... how tall is she? She seems so perfectly proportioned... but without the advantage of height... I know it's all relative, but ... just curious.
Thanks, as always for letting us live vicariously thru you. And, as a little tit for tat... I'm gonna go smoke a cigarette in my very own living room:)
How long are you to be on this project? Glad you've got a fun reason to get out in the yuck weather.
Your #1 Fan,
Texas Beth