Monday, January 24, 2011

Living Amid The Boxes

Honestly, this unpacking is getting to be a joke. As I think I mentioned, I had to jettison my two tallest bookshelves when I moved in, and if there's one thing I've got, it's books. It's not a's an infestation.

So I trotted off to Home Depot...I'm in love with Home Depot, by the way...and bought one wire shelf to fit between the two windows on one wall of my bedroom, and four stackable on top of the other in my bedroom on another wall, and one set in Sarah's room.

Well, it turns out that any carpentry skills I once may have had have completely gone down the drain. The wire shelf looked pretty easy to put together, so I did the better part of it...the four posts that support it and the four shelves. Unfortunately, because my fingers don't work like that, or something, I can't get the damn thing to sit up at keeps listing to one side or the other. I've at least got it propped up so it won't fall on my bed (or I hope to God I have), but getting it together the rest of the way seems to be beyond me. And as far as the other ones go, I can't even thoroughly understand the instructions.

Naturally I called Caesar, who is my go to guy in situations like this, and he was coming over tomorrow to take care of it for me...when his job called him back to work. So now I'm STILL sitting amongst the unpacked book boxes. Growl. Although good for him that he's working again...not least because he usually takes me out to dinner when he is. Yay.

However, I'm getting the kitchen together, slowly. I got two shelves to sit on the kitchen table (there is NO damn storage space in this lousy kitchen, even though it's very pretty). And I discovered that a piece of storage that I had at the old house will fit neatly on one shelf to take care of all the various bits of paper I seem to accumulate...oh, you know, bills, phone numbers waiting to go into my phone, notices of one thing or another that I need to remember...all that happy horseshit personal organizers are always yammering about.

I did get a lot done today...I got books on the shelves I actually have (currently all double rows), and found more of my kitchen equipment. And I'm about to email my kid to get her to call her man with a van pal to get HER crud out of here and into HER apartment, which will give me a lot more space to navigate.

And I still hate my non-smoking status, even though the electronic cigarette sort of works. However, just to top off my tales of woe, there was a story on the internet news today that they now want to ban those. ARRRGGGH!

On the bright side, I did promise to feed Caesar, and while unpacking, I found the recipe for the beef stew I plan to feed him...and I discovered that if you're only out in it for ten minutes smoking a cigarette, you can too survive 10 degree temperatures. See? Life isn't all bad!

And you know, it's amazing how little money you spend when you only smoke one pack of cigarettes over three days...

Love, Wendy

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