Friday, December 18, 2009

STOP, Already.

There is a headline in the online CNN not News that says "Pot found on Lil Wayne's Bus". Or possibly Lil Kim's bus. Lil somebody's bus, at any rate.

Well, no shit.

People, could we get a reality check here? I don't smoke it any more because what's around these days is WAY too strong for me. I liked my nice Maui Wowie and Acapulco Gold, way back when, but what's going on now merely makes me pass out or throw up...and I consider that a waste of grass. A few years ago a friend cleaned out her cousin's apartment when he died, and way back in the freezer was a pound of old fashioned Gold. You better believe I partook of was beautiful shit.

OK. What I am saying is LEGALIZE. Jeez Louise, the cop arresting that poor shlump for his pathetic little joint is going to go home and fire up his pipe. I don't think I know anybody (except me, and if it's mild enough, even me) who won't do at least a toke. My own damn mother, for heaven's sake, did it in art school in the 1920's. And my grandfather, for God's sake, did grass and more hanging out with jazz bands earlier.

I'm not even going to discuss that pernicious Rockefeller Law nonsense, which has deprived a generation of kids of a life. Nor am I going to deal with the Reefer Madness idiocy, which says that one toke drags you down into lifelong drug addiction.

I'm only saying that unless you have other, truly major, problems, a toke is just a toke. (I watched Maltese Falcon the other night and didn't intend to stay up for the following Casablanca...but who can resist Casablanca?)

So there. And I haven't had a toke in ages, nor felt the need to, because my drug of choice is booze. But who am I to deny others their pleasures?


Love, Wendy

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