Thursday, December 10, 2009

Lurching Into Action

I've actually made a list, although I have no intention of checking it twice, and I actually got some of the things on it done! I'm extremely pleased with myself.

I got groceries (yeah, well, after I finally got rid of the Thanksgiving leftovers, there was this yawning hole in the refrigerator - and in my stomach). I got presents for four of my nephews (admittedly this part is easy because they're all teenagers now, and iTunes cards work just fine).

Tomorrow I'm going to go off and buy my mother-in-law a goat. Well, I think a goat, because they're usually the cheapest, as I recall. I really can't afford to get her a water buffalo this year. For those of you who have come late to my ramblings, I do this every year for my MIL. There is a counter at ABC Carpet (did you know that if you make a typo and spell "carpet" "caarpet" it looks like you can speak Dutch?) and Home called Mission Statement, where you can donate various things to various causes in someone's name. Ben is at a stage in her life (this from her, by the by, not my condescending judgment!) where she neither needs nor wants more "things," so I do this every year. And I will also (because it's in the same vicinity) stop at Barnes and Noble for my nephew Alec (who wants a book on racecars). And also Ben's usual appointment calendars - one (Sierra Club, always) for desk and one Week At A Glance for purse. My husband always bought these for her and I continue the tradition.

And since I've talked Sarah into getting the girls' stuff and the wrapping stuff, that's almost it! I'm deeply thrilled. And now I can concentrate on the house.


Love, Wendy


Anonymous said...

Just caught up on my reading... and saw that you would like to escape to Texas... come on down!! But, I'm afraid you would be in for a serious life-lesson. Just put myself through one of those.
As my husband of nearly 40 years had talked one too many times about finding the perfect oak tree to polish... WTF!? And then yelled at me in front of our children and grandchildren "are you going to listen to my goddamn story?"... I decided I needed to escape to my sister's magnificent home in Tennessee (2 story log house built in 1817ish where two of our great grand parents were born... as each family owned it at different times) for a couple of weeks. The morning I left... after several days of preparation... my dear husband asked, where I was going... again, WTF!?? and Bye-Bye.
So I get to my sister's and get the nastiest "cold" ever... and spend Thanksgiving alone (so as not to give kinfolk the cooties) in her 6000 sq ft home... which then felt like 55,000 ft sq... painting her a picture... which was nice, but totally NOT what I had planned. Then, after a few typical family unpleasantries... prodigal sons, (in this case, daughter) etc., I was ready to come home. Where my husband was really trying hard not to be Manic-man... I was again reminded... we must always be thankful for our own pile of shit!
Texas Beth

wendyfromencore said...

Oh, Beth, I hear you! Families can be the me, I'm a survivor of this sort of thing. Hope everything's going better. And have the merriest Christmas possible!

Love, Wendy