Thursday, March 5, 2009

New Computer - For Real!

May I introduce you? I'd like you to meet my brand new beautiful baby - my glorious Compaq laptop, now fixed for wireless, and with an adorable mouse! Let joy be unconfined! (You may skip the baby presents.)

I have been absolutely awful this week, but everything is going to get better next week. Unfortunately, I blew off both auditions I was going to attend - the first one because I absolutely couldn't get out of bed, and the second one because I couldn't get the damn monologue memorized in time...and probably couldn't have gotten out of bed anyway. I'm beginning to think I suffer from that SAD thing - Seasonal Affective Disorder, where the lack of light in winter makes one want to hibernate. That's why I know everything will be better next week - Daylight Savings Time starts on Sunday. I know damn well I'm going to be much more alert and awake when I wake up to daylight at 6 am instead of having to wait for it to arrive. I may even throw caution to the winds and email all my various temp agencies to announce that I'm free, which is probably a good idea.

The problem seems to be that the less I do, the less I CAN do. I have no problem working a full nine to five day and then dashing off to the theatre to do a show at night. However, if I have nothing at all to do except get up and read the paper in my bathrobe, I have enormous difficulty ever getting OUT of the damn bathrobe for the rest of the day.

But soon it will be light again, and we'll have at least two and possibly three days of comparatively warm weather! Heaven! I shall take walks, having spent all my discretionary income on my computer and a couple of far less interesting things, such as my cell phone bill and my cable bill. And next week, a printer!

Meanwhile, it's one step forward, three steps back with ever getting Joshua out of my house. He was in the process of getting his teeth fixed which was going to take about three weeks, when, according to him, they decided (they being the disability people) that they had made a mistake in telling him it would be paid for. Now he says that it'll take them another month to recertify his entitlement to the dental work, and then another three weeks, and then...jeez. I've told him that the people coming in to fix up the house for sale will have to take down the door to the den, which gave him pause (he tried to talk me out of this by saying, "Well, you're losing an extra bedroom") - wait until he hears the noise attendant on them fixing the upstairs bathroom. I shall make absolutely sure that they not only make the most noise when he's trying to sleep, but that they find lovely things to do in there the minute he decides to take a shower. I may hate confrontation, but I'm really, REALLY good at sneaky and snotty. I'm also going to make him pack all of his stuff and put it in storage. I don't actually care, you see, if he's in the house or not - I'm just going to make it totally impossible for him to be here with any degree of comfort whatsoever. "Oh, no, Joshua, you can't sleep in the den because they're painting Sarah's room and all her stuff has to be put down there...I'm sure if you just shove aside some of these books you can curl up on the living room couch, even though I'm afraid that all the blankets are at the cleaners...and by the way, the gang's coming over tonight, but you can go to sleep any time you like...we'll just have our sing-a-long in the kitchen."

You know, this is beginning to sound like fun.

Love, Wendy

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