Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Movie Watching

I have finally made the big decision to actually watch the programs I see in my TV guide on Sundays. Usually what I do is carefully go through the guide and see what's on and say to myself, now remember to watch that. And then it seems like too much trouble or something, or somebody comes over, or I simply forget about it, and I never see anything. So now I'm insisting to myself that I watch what I plan to watch.

This has so far resulted in me watching a British adaption of the first two Terry Pratchett Discworld novels, the ones with Rincewind and Twoflower, which was pretty good, in spite of being four hours long. Seems it was shown on the BBC in installments...but it was fun and kept me nicely upstairs and away from book wrapping for the evening.

And tonight I finally sat down with Pan's Labyrinth. Wow, that's a strange damn movie. I enjoyed it, except for the tortures and the amputation - but on the other hand, those bits provided excellent places to go to the bathroom. But it was fascinating - and I liked the parallels between it and The Labyrinth, for which Sarah and I have great affection. Of course, I have great affection for anything featuring David Bowie at his most gorgeous and wearing very tight pants, probably including an ad for adult diapers (had he ever made one).

And tomorrow is another day. Off to get a printer in the morning,complete with scanner and copier functions - and then I can actually get a picture of myself on here, which to those of you who don't know me will probably be rather a letdown, but we must learn to live with disappointment.

The books are ready to go out! Oh, frabjous day. Gee, now all I have to do is type up the labels, tape up the boxes, and then start packing the OTHER two groups of books - Joshua's and the ones he's giving to a friend. (This afternoon, Joshua couldn't help me tape boxes because his feet hurt and he had to rest. I'm very upset by this...I would have given quite a lot to watch Joshua tape boxes with his feet. I'm assuming this was the problem, since I can't think of any OTHER reason why sore feet would prevent one using one's hands.)

I also have to buy printer ready labels and printer paper tomorrow, and I think I'll drop in at Trader Joe's for something interesting to eat, since it's just down the street from P.C. Richards, where the printer lives. I would send Joshua for the paper and the labels, but as he's completely unreliable in terms of bringing home what you asked him to get, I think this will only slow things down and end me up having to go out and do it anyway.

Let's see - finish packing Joshua's books and the other books, do up the labels for the outgoing boxes, finish taping the outgoing boxes...and do Joshua's taxes. Damn. I really WILL do anything to get him out of the house.

Love, Wendy


Sarah Booz said...

A) Are you really using Jaberwocky words? Really?

B) You should have lunch with me since you'll be in the area

C) I want to see Diskworld adaptations!

D) I typoed "Dickworld" which would be an entirely different adaptation.

E) The code to comment is "prucklak" which sounds like cat vomit.

SaintTigerlily said...

I believe it is Discworld anyway. Just saying.



Sarah Booz said...

It is Discworld. You are correct.