Wednesday, March 25, 2009

41 Boxes

Wait, wasn't there a song about that? No, that was bullets, wasn't it. Actually, maybe 41 bullets is what I need right now.

41 boxes of books. 397 books. Every single little booksie-poo given a nice plastic cover by me. Every single little boxie-poo packed by me. (I think I better stop the cutesy or I'm going to vomity-womity.) Every box then taped me. Every box provided with an address label and a return address label...typed, printed, and affixed by me. Joshua deigned to write out the larger part of the 41 customs declarations, thank God, but even there I had to get into the act because otherwise he would have decided to nap and I would have had to do more of the damn things. And at the end of this exercise, I made him stay right there in the living room and heft boxes around, because I had had a great deal more than enough by about 7:30 this evening. And I'm actually probably not supposed to lift 41 14-pound boxes at all.

Today went like this. Get up and get dressed, which is admittedly rare. Usually I truly deeply enjoy slopping around in a bathrobe while I read the papers and eat breakfast, but I had to go get a printer, so I figured I'd better dress before I left the bedroom. If I end up reading the papers and eating breakfast and then going upstairs, that bed and my half-read book (there's always at least one) starts to look really lovely.

So the papers, food, and off to P.C. Richards for a printer, with a stop at Trader Joe's because they're just about next door to each other. And I'd run out of snack food. (I got lovely cheese and salami and salmon pate and those incredible little Everything snack crackers...I am now happy.) (Oh, and a very large and expensive steak, which I felt I owed myself - anyway, I had some money left over from my two wonderful gift cards, so all my snacks cost me a ripe old 13 bucks.)

Home again with printer, which I made Joshua take upstairs. Then some lunch, then off again over to 6th Avenue to the Staples over there for the labels and some printer paper. (Meanwhile, every time I passed through the living room for any reason, I taped up a couple more boxes. That's me - always improving the shining hour.)

Then I set up the printer, ate dinner, and dived into the home stretch. And now, stacked by the door, there are 41 boxes waiting for the nice man with the van whom Joshua called today who will arrive at 9:30 or so in the morning and take that shit out of my living room.


Gee, that just leaves the REST of Joshua's books to deal with. I'm so thrilled I may vomit. But I think I'll go to sleep...just me and my deep feeling of accomplishment.

Oh, and note to my daughter...of course I quote Jabberwocky. I can quote quite a lot of Jabberwocky. I am not, however, as good as our dear departed pal Virginia, who could recite Jabberwocky in German, which I know she did for you once, but I think you might have been too young to remember. Pity...hearing Jabberwocky in German is an experience.

Love, Wendy

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