Thursday, June 19, 2008


I almost forgot. My pal Caesar (best friend and sparring partner) came over last night after a day of fishing and fetched me the spoils...great big bluefish fillets. Well, I have never in my life cooked a piece of bluefish - I tend toward nice thin little things that I can flour and saute and throw some brown butter and almonds on - lemon sole, flounder - stuff like that.

God bless Mark Bittman. Right there in his lovely yellow-jacketed monster cookbook was a recipe for broiled bluefish fillets with a lime and mustard coating. They turned out perfectly. Caesar fell all over himself with glee.

You know, this is absolute heresy, but I'm beginning to think that Mr. Bittman may be beginning to replace my beloved Mrs. Rombauer in my pantheon of cookbooks - LOOK OUT FOR THAT THUNDERBOLT! (Generations of my family are now gunning for me, pelting me with copies of the Joy of Cooking...)

Love, Wendy

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