Friday, June 6, 2008

Happy Friday To All

Although given my current state of unemployment, every day is Friday for me. Bleahhh. But I'm happy for all of you out there who have Fridays to Thank God for.

After I described those awful new pants I mentioned yesterday to my pal Caesar, who dropped by today, I remembered another ghastly that I see all the time. Now that the weather is nice and warm, and about to be hideously hot and humid, could someone please explain this to me? I see sweet young girls all over the place in lovely little flowered spaghetti-strapped floaty summer dresses, and they look just adorable, until your eye travels downward - and they are wearing either knee-high heavy engineer boots or - worse - Uggs. WHY? Why would anyone is their right mind, in a hot, humid NY summer, wants to wear anything but sandals? First of all, it looks sillier than hell - sort of deeply confused. It's as if they all got their top halves to recognize summer, but their bottom halves haven't got the picture yet.

Secondly, when they go out on dates or with their boyfriends or whatever, and they get home with the guys, what happens when you have been wearing heavy boots on bare feet all day long in the heat? I mean, do you REALLY want anybody else, particularly your significant other (as they say), in the room when you pull those babies off for the first time in hours? Yucky-poo.

Earlier tonight (watch those quick subject changes!) I was reading a cookbook that purports to have recipes from the 50's in it - not an actual cookbook from the 50's, but a book called something like "Mom's Favorite Recipes from the 50's" that Sarah gave me some time ago. The recipes are pretty true to the period. Kindly remember that this was the great can-opener era, and I ran across a recipe that I just loved - for its verisimilitude (as pertains to the 50's, I mean), I may add, not because I have any intention of ever making it as long as I live. It goes as follows:

1 pound ground beef
1 small package cream cheese
1 can mushroom soup (well, of course)
1 cup canned corn with pimentos (this, by the by, was called Fiesta Corn Niblets - I think you can still get it)
1 package refrigerated biscuits.

You mix everything together and top it with the biscuits and bake it.

The reason I mention it, however, is that it has the absolutely best title (for what it is) in the whole world: Home-Made Beef Pie. Yup. Home-Made Beef Pie. One can only assume that the home-made part means you actually opened those cans with your very own can-opener and put it in your very own dish in your very own oven, because I can't quite see anything home-made about it otherwise, can you?

I am now going to go to bed and read. My life is so thrilling I can't stand it.

Love, Wendy

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SaintTigerlily said...

Um. Isn't Friday anymore.

Reading material please.