Monday, September 3, 2012

Women Who Run With The Wolf of Wall Street

Damn, that was fun!  Admittedly, if I have to take a 5:42 am van, I'd prefer it to be somewhere more reasonable than 96th and Broadway, but really, that's my only quibble with Friday's shoot.

Wait until you see this movie, guys.  I am highly featured, and I'm wearing the hair that ate Chicago.  You think I'm kidding?  I swear it tried to take a bite out of Leonardo DiCaprio.  I'm playing a secretary in a penny stock investment firm located in a dying strip mall in 1987.  The set is in...are you ready?...a dying strip mall in Closter, New Jersey, and weirdly, it's a place I've actually been before many years back...Closter, not the strip mall.  We had a friend who had a house out there and went to a party when Sarah was a baby. 

Back to the hair.  Remember that for purposes of Boardwalk, my hair is currently down to the middle of my Joe the hairdresser scooped one side of it up, stuck in a comb to keep it there, and then used a curling iron on the rest and teased the bejesus out of it.  The result has to be seen to be believed.  I'm also wearing very surprised eyebrows and a LOT of eyeshadow.  And bright red lipstick.  A definite picture...oy. 

A good shoot, though.  I consider any shoot a good shoot wherein: I am wearing reasonably appropriate clothing for the season we're actually in; I can sit down; it's indoors; and there is air conditioning.  And this shoot had an extra added attraction, which was being able to smoke real cigarettes on set.  I've smoked on Boardwalk, but they give us these truly ghastly herbal things which are unfiltered and tend to disintegrate.  Friday I was smoking lovely Marlboro Lights...heaven.

And today I actually completely cleaned the bathroom!  I mean I blitzed that sucker.  Tub, sink, toilet, floors.  The only problem is that now I'm afraid to use because I might get it dirty again.

And tomorrow I get to do more of it.  This is turning out to be a nice little money maker.  We put in 13 hours on Friday, because this is a Martin Scorsese film, and Mr Scorsese, as all Boardwalk people know, is actually the Energizer Bunny in disguise.  He never stops.  This is tiring, but lucrative.  The BEST thing, I found out on Friday when JeJe from the union came by (our union sends people to all the working sets just to make sure there are no problems...isn't that great?) is that because we shot Friday and we're shooting tomorrow, WE GET PAID FOR TODAY!  All bow before my wonderful union.  In case you're counting, that means: Friday we got our straight 8 hours, then two hours of time and a half, then 3 hours of overtime.  Then we get paid a straight 8 hours today, and I'll bet that the next two days will be long ones, first of all because of Mr. Scorsese's shooting habits and secondly because we're supposed to have thunderstorms, which slow things down for outdoor shots.  It doesn't affect me...I'm going to be sitting at my desk, indoors, smoking a cigarette and trying to keep my hair from attacking people.

Love, Wendy

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