Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What Have They Done To My Blog, Ma?

Well, THIS is deeply confusing.  I have absolutely no idea how to run this new setup, so I think I'll just happily burble away as usual and hope to God that it appears.

So after my great coup of getting upgraded and kissed by Leo DiCaprio, I've been barely able to get arrested...naturally.  That's the way it is in this silly business.  I did do a shoot last Sunday, but it was on spec.  You can do that with some sort of special contract with SAG/AFTRA (I mean the producers have one), and since it's a web series and they will probably want to continue using me, I thought what the hell.  I don't have anything web-based on my resume, and it seems to be the coming thing. 

It's a show called Subway Stories, and it's filmed guerilla style in the actual subway.  It was actually quite amusing, because we were filming at the 57th street stop of the Q line.  This was because it's the end of the line for the Q train, which means that the train sits there for about ten minutes before starting on its return trip.  This in turn meant that when we heard the little bell ring, signalling that the doors were about to close, we all had to run like hell out of the train if we didn't happen to want to go to the next station and ride back.  It's a small cast, so at least I should get a fair amount of camera face time, and it was a nice short shoot, from about 10 am to 3 pm.  For obvious reasons, I love a long shoot if I'm getting paid, but if I'm not, shorter is WAY better.  Who wants to spend an entire Sunday in a hot subway station?  Paraticularly if they're not getting paid.

Then on Monday I went to an open call at a casting place called Amerifilm, which has just landed a contract to cast a feature film, and I'm hoping something comes of that, since it's a real job with, they say, a LOT of work.  I'm crossing my fingers for this one.

Other than that, my apartment is a disaster area of truly epic proportions.  It finally occurred to me that I am good peasant woman, strong like bull, and that I was getting pretty damn tired of waiting for somebody to come over and help me move the damn bookshelves, so I'm in the process of doing it myself.  And what do you know?  Turns out the bookshelves weren't a quarter as heavy as I thought they were.  So I've got one of the bedroom shelves in its proper configuration, and the two I'm moving in there are completely cleaned out and ready to go. 

Unfortunately, the result is that my bed is completely covered in books in the bedroom, and the living room is one big explosion in a bookstore.  I did have the sense to keep the bed/couch in the living room free, so I've got somewhere to sleep at least.  And the good part about it is that I truly am not going to be able to stand THIS big a mess for very many more minutes, so I actually have the impetus to get it all together.  Tomorrow.  Oh, come on...naturally I found quite a lot to read while taking the books out of the shelves.  And I did a good day's work today, so I'm entitled. 

I will keep everyone updated on my progress.  Tell me you're all completely thrilled with this.

Love, Wendy


Carolyn said...

We certainly ARE thrilled that you're going to keep up with this, though to tell you the truth, your reading public can't see any blogful difference at all. The setup looks exactly the same from over here 'dis sidea da fence, and there's no doubt that your ghost writer can do a perfect imitation of your style. So all of us wannabe subway actors are quite comfortable living vicariously through your shenanigans at 57th and Q. (Whaddaya mean, Q? Are there so many subway lines in NY that they can't think of names for them? NY is not DC) What we're wondering mainly is: (a) which irresistibly readable titles landed on your bed when they fell out of the bookcase, and (b) when is it again that you travel to the provinces?
(only a True Friend would be able to decipher the mystery numbers & words required to Prove You're Not A Robot when posting a Comment)

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