Saturday, June 9, 2012

Boardwalk...with Camel

However, before we get to the camel, I must backtrack slightly.

If you recall, in my last post, I talked about the old Gourmet cookbook instructing one to stuff an olive.  Well, after I finished blogging, I continued reading the cookbook (the alternative was cleaning house, and we all know how much that idea attracts me).  In the dessert chapter, they suggest stuffing...are you ready?...A RAISIN.  I am going to stop reading old Gourmet cookbooks, that's all there is to that.

So after my little break there, things revved up again.  Memorial Day I did nothing, nor did anything fascinating happen the rest of that week, but this past week I did Monday,Tuesday and Friday at the law firm, with Andrew the lawyer driving me completely crazy...he wants me to do an involved job involving opening files, some 40 of them, all of which need letters and various things, but he won't quit making me stop doing it by giving me other stuff to do.  This is extremely irritating.

However, when I was out to lunch on Tuesday, I checked my phone on the way back and found a text message asking me if I was free for Boardwalk on Wednesday!  Well, of course.  I'm ALWAYS free for Boardwalk, my favorite thing in the world to do. 

So location bus at 6 am Wednesday, and out to the actual Boardwalk set for the first time this season, to discover that the set has grown.  It gave birth to a whole Midway behind old fashioned (well, um, what else, given the time frame of the show) rowdy Midway with a freak show, and hit the milk bottle with the ball and win a prize and a shooting booth and popcorn and all day suckers and all that.  We were a little light on the freaks...all we had was a fat lady (nice gal, clad in miles of shocking pink satin) and a very tall man (6'8" or so), but they were quite energetic in beckoning all of us to the show.  We had a flea circus, too...and the aforementioned camel.  Yup, an actual camel.  I heard that I missed the elephant the previous week on set, but you can't have everything. 

A nice long day in terms of earning money, but exhausting...the set is behind and below the boardwalk set, which is raised, so you don't get a breeze back there, and we're in those layers of costume, and it was about 80 degrees.  And as you can't train a camel to use deodorant, it got pretty whiffy too...unless that was us in all that wool.  Could be.

So a rest on Thursday and then back to the law office to be annoyed all day Friday, followed by a night at the Bistro for my band.  I am now so exhausted I can't see straight because I am an idiot...I kept forgetting to buy ice cream (which is my unfailing soporific) all week and being too damn lazy to go to the deli (not to mention the fact that by the time I figured out I wasn't getting to sleep, it kept getting to be 1:30 or 2 in the morning and I would have had to get sort of dressed again).  The result was that I've been running on four hours of sleep a night all week.  Last night when I got home I was sitting here reading before I went to bed and started to literally fall off my chair...I got to bed around 1:30 or 2 and woke up again at 6, which was annoying.  Luckily I was smart enough to eat something and go back to bed, where I slept until 2:30 in the afternoon.  It is now 8:30 and I'm going to eat something else and go to bed...and I even have ice cream for any umexpected insomniac disasters.  Yay, me!

Love, Wendy


Carolyn said...

Stuffing a raisin! STUFFING A RAISIN! I've known you for a long time and can only hope that was hyperbole (sort of like Penelope, the puzzling Pen-e-lope).
Talk about Bemildred!
I only hope those lawyer-types pay you handsomely.

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