Saturday, October 1, 2011


From today's Weird But True column in the NY Post:

"Lawmakers in Ohio have made it legal for people to carry concealed weapons while visiting bars.

One state senator said there's no need to fear people carrying guns in close proximity to alcohol.

'An undischarged concealed weapon never hurt anybody,' he said."

Does anybody but me see anything hugely, deeply wrong with this whole idea?  Obviously an undischarged weapon never killed anybody, concealed or not, but how many times have we all heard, "I didn't know it was loaded!"  And the notion that you can just waltz into a bar, no matter what your mood, carrying a weapon that no one can see...well, I'm personally not going to be drinking in Ohio any time soon, I can assure you.  Not, you understand, that I have EVER planned to drink in Ohio, but stranger things have happened.  For instance, I actually have had a drink in Ohio...this was roughly a million years ago during my touring children's theatre years, and I haven't the remotest notion exactly where in Ohio I was.  Yeah, well, you do three shows a day and spend the rest of the time in a heavy fog on the Ohio won't know where you are either.

And someone came up with an equally ridiculous and dangerous idea here in New York just a couple of weeks ago...the notion that you don't need a vision test to renew your driver's license.  Hoo, boy.  Like the streets around here aren't dangerous enough already...although personally I blame that on the kamikaze  bike riders we have.  Luckily someone with a modicum of good sense nipped the no vision test thing right in the bud, which is excellent.

Meanwhile, good old Anonymous (and how IS life in Chicago?) does raise a point about various people not being thrilled with my notion of heaven.  This is probably because I failed to make it clear that this is MY version of heaven.  I am firmly of the belief that if there is a heaven, you get the one you want.  I mean, I know people who would be thrilled to have heaven be one long night at a 1970's disco.  This would cause me to beg for the fires of hell immediately, but there's no accounting for taste (certainly not for that one).  No, everybody deserves their deepest desire in heaven...why not?

Love, Wendy

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Carolyn said...

Wait a sec . . . I'm not anonymous. My name is right there. Would I ever even try to conceal my identity from you?
Further: I plan to be sitting in the other chair by the fire in the big library (Waldorf and Statler, that's us!) in the sky. The people who want the all-night 1970s disco will just have to go to hell.
That can't be right, can it?
Theology is so confusing.
(the magic word to post this comment is "slismot")