Monday, July 25, 2011

More Work!

Just got cast for three days' work in something called Gods Behaving Badly. I am going to be playing "one of the recently dead group." Yes, really. I can only hope that casting agencies make a habit of saying "The director loved your look!" You know, the way people reflexively say, have a nice day? Because if they cast me as dead, and the director loved my look, I am in SERIOUS need of new headshots. I mean, face it, doesn't that seem just a tad bit tactless? You're hired to be recently dead because the director loved your look? Good God, what can I possibly look like?

Meanwhile, I just saw the last Harry Potter with Sarah. It's wonderful, presuming you're as steeped in Potter lore as we are...definitely a fitting end to the series. I must say, we're evidently not quite so serious about it as some people. At one point, there was a girl sobbing so loudly you could hear her all over the theatre. Admittedly, in these nasty little multiplex theatres, that's not terribly difficult.

Oh, for the days of actual movie palaces! The Piccadilly Theatre was ours in Chicago, with marble floors and golden cherubs and red velvet that was movie going. That theatre could even ennoble a lousy cowboy movie.

I'm going to eat something and curl up in bed and see if the fur people will join me. I've been filling Sarah's bed up with her boxes of stuff, and Moon Unit at least has taken to dozing on my bed, which is just the way it should be.

Love, Wendy

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