Sunday, December 5, 2010

Moving Right Along

Good heavens. I finally got my kid to come and help me with all this. Will wonders never cease?

We have just spent the evening packing stuff up (her) and throwing stuff out (me). Yesterday I had a great bit of of my favorite movies of all time was on good old TCM, so I used that time to pack books in the den. The movie is that wonderful old 1950's thing, King Solomon's Mines, with Stewart Granger (often bare chested...a definite plus) and Deborah Kerr. For work such as I was doing, movies like this are absolutely perfect, because you've seen them so often that you can concentrate on, say, book packing while still catching all your favorite parts.

I cannot imagine what some of the stuff I threw out was still doing in the house. Why, for instance, was I saving a bag of VCR tapes that someone taped off a television set? This group included a porn, I don't know either. I also found some strings of Christmas lights (belonging to my cousin) which were perfectly lovely, but they were so old that A. I was afraid to plug them in to test them, and B. half the light bulbs were missing and they are of a type not seen in years. Out, out, out.

And once I got to the bottom of that closet, I discovered that my poor cat was more acrobatic than even I the hell did he manage to get cat shit THAT far up the wall? He really did defy the laws of nature in that department.

I have skipped Boardwalk Empire tonight due to all this, but I'll catch it on the 8 pm repeat tomorrow night. Then there's a party with our long-time Christmas tree sellers on Tuesday night, and I still have two plays involving friends to catch...and then all I have to do is pack up the house, buy all the Christmas presents, get the necessary ones in the mail (which this year will probably be Express Mail), and get Christmas done. While moving.

How am I possible? And Texas Beth, believe me, you're going to have fun reading this madness, you fink! And I love you, Jane!

Love, Wendy


Karena said...

Wendy wow I am worn out from your moving schedule!!

Come have fun and enter my giveaway from Fifi Flowers $200 value!


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Jane K. Schott said...

Did you get the apartment on 14th Street? I just finished my social security interview and get my first check mid February. I hope they don't fuck with that now that I am old enough to get it.
Boardwalk Empire is getting rave reviews from everywhere! I hope that means you will be doing more work for the series.
I am purging my stuff everyday...and have been getting rid for what seems like years. As an antique shop owner i had so much it is paying for my gas.
Keep's good for the soul.
Next time I come to the city perhaps we can have lunch...I am always reading NYMagazine about new places to see and do.

Anonymous said...

You are on a roll!
Looking forward to holidays and turning my daughter onto BE... it gets better with every episode. And if I had a place to wear them, I would love to own everything Margaret wears... she's such a good/bad girl. And so fun seeing Buscemi in a rather sexy role. Great writing/character development... IMHO.
Texas Beth