Saturday, December 18, 2010

To Do List

Sunday: Keep packing up house, go to new apartment to pick up keys.

Monday: Final push...finish packing up, take out all garbage. Call cable company and electric company to get stuff switched over. Go to party. Well, doesn't everyone? Anyway, I deserve it.

Tuesday: Move starts at 7 am! Beds being delivered. Sheets? Damned if I know. I'll think of something. After down the street (only half a block to supermarket!), get food, eat the hell out of it. Mainly, find all kitchen stuff. Start unpacking...Sleep in bed (as opposed to sofa) for first time in a week! Yay!

Wednesday: Do all Christmas shopping plus getting little necessities like dish drainer and shower curtain.

Thursday: Unpack madly. Ben (mother-in-law) arrives at house around 6 pm. Go to Sarah's bar for dinner. Get tree delivered.

Friday: Run down to Chinatown and get the lobsters and shrimp for dinner. Come back, deposit same, go to grocery store for Christmas breakfast and dinner stuff. Find boxes marked Christmas. Decorate tree before dinner. Have 10 or 12 people for dinner.

Saturday: Open presents! Yay! Make and serve breakfast. Lounge around all afternoon until time to start Christmas dinner. Do that.

Sunday: Breakfast for Ben and Sarah (and anyone else who may be never knows). Ben goes back home. Sarah does whatever the hell she's doing, and I collapse into my brand new bed and sleep until possibly Wednesday.

But other than that, I really haven't got a thing to do.

Love, Wendy


Carolyn said...

YAY! I'm so excited for you. In addition, I am so thrilled that this is YOUR upcoming week and not mine. Lobsters? What do you mean, lobsters? Don't you think you should first definitely ensure that you have located & unwrapped the proper pot before you go around making lobstery plans?

Won't Joshua be surprised when he can't find you!

In closing, I would like to say (confidentially and in such a way that the stalkers won't see it) what's your new address?
An Old Friend
p.s. also, your date of birth, ss number, and last 13 digits of your main credit card.

Jane K. Schott said...

I am also wondering if you took the apartment on 14th St? Wherever you land you can at least look at the New Year from someplace you have waited, wondered and wanted for many months.

I am also moving, downsizing, as you are and I have this fixation about the joy of throwing things away. I don't begin until you are snug in your new bed with lovely sheets and clean towels...and it is all yours.

What a lovely 2011 you have deserve it.