Saturday, September 4, 2010

Just For Silliness

Because I just answered a Facebook remark from a friend of 50 years, it occurred to me that a LOT of you who read this blog have never actually seen anything I've done.

Well, aren't you about to be surprised. It just so happens that there are two clips of me on good old You Tube. Since my child has STILL not taught me how to do a link, you'll just have to hunt, but it's fairly easy. One of them is a goofy damn thing that was shot as (according to its director) a Comedy Central's called Jihad Joe, and you look up Jihad Joe, Part II. I am the elderly lady at the airport.

The other one was a student project, and you find that under Haggis-on-Whey...its title being "Giraffes? Giraffes!" It amused me to do...and when you see it, you will notice that you (quite awkwardly) never see my mouth. This is because it was originally intended as a voice over and recorded as such...then the gal decided I should be on camera.

Anyway, see if you can find this stuff.

Love, Wendy

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Empress of The Eye said...

Wendy, those are great! Now, consider look exactly like I thought you would. Comforting. I think you should expect a call from Woody before the year is over. Thanks.