Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Spangles and Sequins and Feathers, Oh, My!

I do love La Cage Aux Folles. I've followed it since its inception as a French movie with subtitles, which I saw first run at the Paris Theatre here in NY, then the original stage show, then the American film version (The Birdcage) and now this pared down version, and I've loved every single one of them.

This version has half the cast of the Broadway original, which doesn't make a damn bit of difference to came from London, the Donmar Warehouse, I think, but don't quote me...and the sets are pared down like the cast, but it does very nicely. And it's still got all its glitz and silliness. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I mean, face it...when a bunch of drag queens swoop out on stage in silver sequins carrying enormous feather fans and wearing silver roller skates, what's not to like?

And it had an added attraction which I thought was just marvelous...when you get to the theatre, as you're milling around on the sidewalk outside, there is a seven foot drag queen in a black cocktail dress acting as greeter and mixing with the crowds. This is just wonderful. The seven foot height comes in because between the fact that the lady in question looks to be about six feet to start with, and the hair and the spike heeled feet, easy. Anyway, it's a wonderful bit, which sort of prepares the audience for what's inside.

We ate at Smith's where the food is fine but the service is bizarre...I ordered a Reuben sandwich on rye with onion rings and received a Reuben sandwich on white with fries. I was going to go with it, but Sarah insisted on bringing this to the waiter's attention. He promptly took my WHOLE plate and disappeared for 15 minutes, eventually returning with some really good onion rings and returning my sandwich...but you know, he could have brought a plate of rings while I ate more of the sandwich. However, $41 for two including tip and drinks for a pre-theatre meal in midtown is nothing to be sneezed at.

And there is actually news on the house front. Our original buyers can't get the mortgage, and neither can the second set, so we evidently got the THIRD set of buyers to sign a contract, and now we cross our fingers. Seems like they're the ones Richard the real estate person thought would be best anyway. The offer is a little less money, but still over a million. Given that my personal fortune now stands at 34 bucks in the bank and about 40 in my wallet, I'm not going to quibble over the little things.

To bed. I never got to the cleaning today because...well, I just didn't. So sue me. But tomorrow I don't have to get dressed or anything, and I can scrub my little heart out. Maybe.

Love, Wendy

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Empress of The Eye said...

Glad to hear La C has not been downsized! Great post and I am thrilled that you have a nice contract to dream about this weekend. Good for you Wendy.