Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Killing Time

Yes, well, it's Tuesday, which means Rescue Me, but that's not on until 10 pm, and it's now only 8:05 pm. There are several things I could profitably be doing, but since most of them revolve around things like getting down on my hands and knees with a scrub brush...yeah. No. That sort of thing is for the daylight hours. I clean at night ONLY if someone is arriving from an airport or something at 6 am.

The damn house is STILL on hold...I wish to hell my buyers would either get the damn mortgage or give up on it.

Sarah and I are going to see La Cage Aux Folles tomorrow...yay! And thank you, Vicky. I don't know where we're going to eat beforehand...neither of us can afford Tout Va Bien, damn it, so I suppose it'll be Chinese at Ollie's or burgers at Smith's. Actually, I like Smith's...since our favorite place (the name of which I can't remember at the moment) for cheap before theatre meals closed, Smith's is about it. The place was a stagehand's bar on 8th Avenue, and had really, really good scallops wrapped in bacon, which I just loved. Oh, well.

Then one of my temp agencies called, and I have an actual job for 3 days next week, which I am probably going to hate, but I need the money...it's one of the seminar things. I think I've worked it before, or something like it. This is the one where I float here and there, helping out with this and that...registration, floor assistance (although what a floor would need assistance for, I do NOT know). I remember (presuming it is the same one) that last year one of my jobs was making sure no one but seminar attendees snuck into the buffet lunch. Well, it's an extra 200 bucks or so that I wouldn't have otherwise, so what the hell. Also, it's actually convenient to get to - 6th Avenue and 53rd. And with any luck, they'll feed me...

I'm also submitting for every movie/TV thing that comes down the pike, but so far no luck there. But, as I have a house full of food, that's not quite such a worry.

And tomorrow I shall leap out of bed rejoicing, looking forward to a day with my scrub brush! Doesn't that sound exciting? No, I didn't think so either...but at least I get to eat out and go to the theatre.

Love, Wendy

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