Friday, August 21, 2009

It's Too Damn Hot

I just checked, which I've been doing obsessively in the last couple of days searching for SOME sign of upcoming relief from our current hell, and it is 90 degrees - but according to the THI thingie - IT FEELS LIKE 99 DEGREES.

This is unnecessary. God knows I haven't lived a blameless life, but must I be subjected to hell on earth? For the first time, I'm absolutely delighted that I didn't get any background work, because 15 minutes of tromping back and forth outdoors and you would have a fascinating addition to your movie in the form of me keeling over. Getting around the corner to the deli for the papers left me gasping for air today. has issued a severe thunderstorm watch...from their mouth to God's ears.

Love, Wendy

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