Monday, December 1, 2008

There Were Too Enough Green Beans

Well, we didn't have the crudites, and we didn't get any Brussels sprouts, but Shai and his friend Chris brought cheese and pate...and there were actually fewer people than I expected, so we had plenty of green beans - and for once, no leftover beans, thank heavens. As a matter of fact, there weren't all that many leftovers - just about the perfect amount. You enough, enough for sandwiches the next day and for Mom to nosh on through Sunday.

So everything worked out just fine, and we had a lovely Thanksgiving, thank you. How was yours?

I got paid for my movie gig - and not only did I get the extra $25 for no room on the bus, but we got an extra $42.50 for the lousy food service - you know, the one with no hot food and NO COFFEE. I was talking to my friend Caesar, and he was appalled to find out there was no coffee - he said in all his years of working under SAG, he'd NEVER seen a set without coffee. I may be new at this background actor stuff, but even I knew that was wrong, wrong, wrong.

Meanwhile my cousin gets more damned irritating by the day - in the last two days, he's made me want to kill him twice. On Saturday, he came up to the kitchen just as I was running around the corner for the Sunday Times, and I said, very clearly, leave that Arizona watermelon drink alone, because I just bought it and I want to drink it. So I came back with the paper - and would you believe that the drink had been opened and some poured out? (This is the same sort of thing that was making me crazy last summer - I'd be sitting at the computer and he'd come up to ask me to turn on the air conditioning - when it wasn't needed - and when I said no, he'd turn around and turn it on as he went downstairs.) Then just tonight, I was sitting at the kitchen table drinking some club soda somebody left at Thanksgiving, and he took the bottle, poured all of it into his glass, and THEN said, "You have more of this, don't you?" Um, no, I don't, and normal people say, may I have some club soda - they don't just grab the bottle and ask later. You schmuck.

Well, back to obsessively checking my email for casting notices - I just wanted to check in and say something or other before all my posts turn into hysteria over Christmas and my lack of money for it. Which I assure you they will, any second now.

Love, Wendy

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