Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Labor Day!

Yes, well, I wouldn't like to say I've got nothing useful to do or say, but I just spent some time on the Weird Universe site watching a YouTube video of talking goats. This has GOT to be a new low.

Saturday I walked over to The Strand and sold a couple of books (the usual cash flow problem - i.e., it's non-existent), and something struck me that I never thought about before. It's a goodish hike over to 12th and Broadway from Charles and Washington, so I had plenty of time to think, you see.

The thing that struck me was, what on earth do all those water drinkers do when they have to go to the bathroom? I mean, Saturday was a warm, humid day, and all these people were out and about carrying huge jugs of regular water, imported water, fitness water, vitamin name it. The problem is that New York simply isn't equipped with many public johns, not to mention public johns where you'd honestly feel A. safe and B. unlikely to get some sort of ghastly disease using, anyway. And restaurants all seem to have large signs sternly warning you that their bathrooms are for CUSTOMERS ONLY! And somehow it defeats the purpose if you have to go and buy a cup of coffee and sit down and drink it before you can take a leak.

Does Starbucks allow people to come in just to use the bathroom? I wouldn't know, because on principle, I stay out of Starbucks unless I'm forced - i.e., I used to work on occasion for a firm which didn't have a deli within any kind of reach on my way to the office (it was a block away in the opposite direction), so Starbucks was my only option. (They do have plain old American black coffee although they call it an Americano, for God's sake.) (This office was across the street from the Time Warner Center, which I assure you doesn't make any kind of effort for us poor people. It's Whole Foods and Starbucks all the way.)

Anyway, it's a point to ponder when one is taking a long walk.

And Caesar, bless his heart, came by and took me out to dinner on Thursday. If you're counting, that's two guys buying me drinks and dinner in a week! Either things are looking up, or the world is coming to an end - given my luck, probably the latter.

I had work all last week, thank God. Admittedly, it was without a doubt the dullest week I've ever spent. It was a little tiny law firm of six people, and the two people who head it up were on vacation...I was sitting in for the secretary/receptionist, also on vacation. Evidently all the clients knew that the head honchos were gone, so for a solid week the phone didn't ring, nobody came to the office, absolutely nothing happened. In one sense this was fine, because I redid my acting resume and got a lot of reading done, but of course, the days dragged interminably. If I have to work a straight job, I much prefer something where I'm run off my feet because it makes the day seem shorter (duh...). Of course, I don't get paid for this little gig until this coming Friday, so heaven knows what I'm going to do. However, I had enough to get the papers today, and I had enough after selling those books to get a two for one deal on cigarettes at good old RiteAid, so I'll make it somehow or another. Hell, if you consider that it's now 20 to 2 in the afternoon on Monday, that really only leaves me three days to scramble through, since the money will be in my account early Friday morning. Anybody can do that. Can't they? And there's food in the house (dull food, but food). So the only things I have to worry about are the morning papers, cigarettes, and cat food. I can dig that up, right? RIGHT?

Meanwhile I'm doing laundry, having made the dryer work again. I'm so clever.

Love, Wendy

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