Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Election

I have tried to stay away from this election, since I know where my vote is going, and I have no patience for most of the incessant ballyhoo and chatter.  However, as we get to the end of the whole thing, there is one thing that has started to bother me.

I certainly understand the fixation on the budget and on military spending.  The first frightens me, and I'm completely against the second, of course...once anti-war, always anti-war, as far as I'm concerned.  And the emphasis on jobs...well, of course.  There don't seem to be any.  (Of course, if we stopped outsourcing things, it might help.)

But I CANNOT understand this sudden seeming war on women.  We have children and the elderly starving to death and homeless in American cities.  We have crumbling buildings and indeed, whole neighborhoods.  We have ever-increasing crime.  Can someone please explain to me why none of these interesting little details seem to be being expressed by anyone?  All I seem to hear about is women.

If, as the Romney camp seems to feel, every single woman who becomes pregnant by any method whatsoever, including rape and incest, is forced to have that child, where are you going to put them?  And if you cut aid, how are these women going to raise these children?  How are they to be fed, or housed, or clothed, or educated?  What are these people thinking?  That the Lord will provide?  Somehow I don't think that calmly expecting manna from heaven to fall on the faces of the deserving is going to work.  And neither will the loaves and fishes...particularly not the fishes part, due to the ongoing pollution of our waters.  And will there be kind, caring, orphanges established, for when some of these increasingly desperate women simply give up?  Somehow I think not. 

I thought we had finished with this fight.  I thought cooler heads had prevailed.  I now think I must have been nuts to think it was so easy. 

What on EARTH have we poor women done to all these men that we are supposed to go back to being barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen again?

Love, Wendy

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