Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Wedding!

No, no, NOT mine.  I assure you, twice was more than enough.  No, these were the nuptials of one of the gals who works at the Bistro, and she had the reception at the Bistro and was kind enough to invite all the regulars.  Of course, this was sort of making a virtue out of necessity, since the owner of the Bistro is deeply opposed to closing the bar for private parties...if you want to have a gathering there, you just have various people wandering in for a drink.  However, they're kept away from the hors d'oeuvres and whatever free drink may be around, so it works out.

The bride threw together the wedding (they ran down to City Hall, I'm pretty sure) in about two weeks (no, I don't know why) and I must say, she did a hell of a job in so little time.  Decorated tables, wedding favors, adorable little bridesmaids, and her sister, whom I think must have been the maid of honor, in an astonishing outfit involving a silver sequined bra top and silver brocade skin tight more or less skirt...mostly less.  The bride herself wore something I wouldn't go near if you paid me, involving rhinestone beading, a large pouffy skirt with more rhinestones all over it, and a laced back...but in fact, it suited her and she looked lovely.  And the groom is a handsome guy who was wearing a white linen suit.

Anyway, a good time was had by all, including, one presumes, the old guy with the cane who sat out front at one of the tables all night eating, drinking, and clutching his cane (NOT a member of the wedding group), until he started to pass out and some kind Samaritan enlivened the wedding no end by calling for an ambulance.  So we have the wedding going on inside and the fire engine and the ambulance outside...welcome to a Greenwich Village wedding!  I hasten to add that the old gent was moving more or less on his own when they strapped him in a wheelchair for the ride to the hospital, so presumably he was fine when he sobered up a bit.

Meanwhile I'm still stuck with the damn law firm...I was there yesterday and I'll be there tomorrow and Friday, unless I get lucky and someone wants me for some REAL work. 

I was going to clean house today, which worked out as well as most of my plans to clean house do...i.e., I took a nap until the feeling passed.  However, the kids (Sarah and boyfriend Adrian) have promised me that they're coming over to move furniture next week, so maybe I can at least get that done.  Of course, I had to promise to come and actually sing at Sarah's Sunday night karaoke know she needs help getting an audience if she's actually ASKING me to sing.  I had high hopes of fucking up her brain entirely by singing the worst rap song I could dig up on the internet, but they're all so uniformly hideous that I figured I couldn't possibly.  It's really hard to sing when you're gagging.  And I know this because I was once doing musical summer stock when the entire cast came down with stomach flu...actually dancing was a real trip, too.  So maybe I'll just do Janis Joplin.

I have finally unpacked my brand new sewing machine.  It is GORGEOUS, but I'm slightly afraid of it.  I learned to sew on the one we had at home, which was of roughly 1920s vintage, so tomorrow I'm going to get some cheap fabric and after the law firm, I'll sit down with the manual and figure this new baby out.  Then I shall make myself something...probably a skirt, just to get my hand back in.  I used to be absolutely know, lined jackets, pleats, Shakespearean costumes, but it's been a while.  Best to start small.  Also, I haven't used a pattern in a sewing has been confined to cushion covers, Roman togas (production of Antigone), and capes (Halloween costume for Sarah), which anybody who can draw a circle can do.  Oh, cool!  In order to have room to lay out a pattern and actually sew things, I'm going to HAVE to clean house!  Yay!

Love, Wendy


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terry332 said...

OMG how i triple love "Boardwalk Empire" I watched it sat. from 5 p.m. till 5 a.m. getting caught up on details I'd missed the first time. I'll miss "Jimmy"
Wendy you are so lucky to be a part of that greatest show on tv!
I've followed you for years.