Monday, January 9, 2012

A Rise In Spirits

I have just made myself feel enormously better by setting up my computer wi-fi ALL BY MYSELF.  You have to understand that while I can work computers, I have absolutely no talent for what other people consider extremely mundane tasks...such as sending a link.  I spent quite a bit of time thinking how nice it would be if I could send a friend of mine the nice picture of my cats that I took with my months...before I accidentally pressed a button and got a list of things to do that included "email photo."  So you can understand that I now feel totally invincible, and not only that, I can get rid of the damn card table that the computer is sitting on (because that's where its cord reaches) and put the computer on the dining table, where it belongs.  Then I can get the damn card table out of the middle of the living room and go on with organizing this joint.

Yay, me!

Love, Wendy

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