Sunday, September 11, 2011

Not To Be Believed

I wouldn't like to say that some people are a bit bad at taking responsibility for their actions, but there is a story in today's New York Post that is just an awful way.

It seems that there is a gentleman in Nanuet, New York who regularly (oh, yeah) patronizes a White Castle which has the sort of tables that one often sees at McDonald's, where the chair part is attached to the table part, and therefore cannnot be moved about.  This gentleman discovered one day that there was no longer enough room for his stomach between the table and the fixed chair.

Now, I don't know about you, but my first thought here would be, "Jeez Louise, I'd better cut back on this crud a little bit."  Is the story about a person who then changed his ways and is now a regular gym goer?

No, don't be silly.  This is America.  He is, naturally, suing for his (according to him) God-given right to keep putting on more weight (he nows weighs 290 pounds, which, by the picture in the paper, is NOT the most flattering look he could have chosen).  Therefore, he wants Wendy's to replace all their furniture with something that will accommodate him.

Please.  God knows I am all for accommodating the handicapped.  Wheelchair accessible, certainly.  Blind person accessible, absolutely.  Service dogs welcome, you better believe it.  And so forth.  But for God's sake.

I do know that there are a few glandular problems which do result in enormous weight gains...years ago I had a friend thus afflicted.  But I ALSO know that the incidence of these diseases is statistically extremely small.  Face it...most people who are fat are just fat and have let themselves get that way.  I am damned if I would be willing to tear up all a restaurant's furniture to accommodate people who won't quit eating.

Besides which, if they make the tables far enough away from the chairs to accommodate this guy, how the hell am I supposed to reach MY unhealthy burger?  My arms aren't that long.

Love, Wendy

P.S.  I know it's September 11th.  I was downtown that day.  I walked home in the ashes, etc.  Enough.

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newatthis said...

Hmmm... Let me tell you my story about my 6' 7" frame and its incompatibility with what passes for a coach airline seat these days on an 8+ hour transatlantic flight. The airlines are at best mildly sympathetic. Perhaps I should sue?