Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Followup...And Possibly Throw Up

Welcome to a roller coaster of a day.

Bill finally called this morning...I was right, he and his wife were visiting their son in North Carolina (well, I got the Carolina part right, anyway). They were due back today, but Bill's wife Boo (yes, it's a nickname, and I'm ashamed to say I haven't the remotest notion what her first name actually is...after 40 years. On the other hand, my actual first name is Loretta, Wendy being a nickname, and I don't think many people know that, either) had a heart attack on Monday. Thank God, their son is a doctor, saw the symptoms, got her to the hospital right away, and she's going to be fine. I'm very fond of her. Evidently it was fairly minor, as heart attacks go, and she'll be out of the hospital tomorrow.

However, Bill informed me that the closing on this remember, the December 1st closing, the one which was cutting it so terribly fine for me? Yeah, that one. Well, it's suddenly set for Monday. Ah, what?

In the meantime, the apartment that I did in fact see that I loved looks like it's going to be a nonstarter. This was the one in Stuyvesant Town, a huge apartment complex built in the 40's for returning WWII vets, essentially. However, Stuy Town has horrendous requirements for have to have 36 months of rent in the bank, for instance. I don't think I've got 36 minutes of rent in the bank, actually. And because of the trust, even though as of Monday I will have $1.1 in the bank, it'll be under the name of the trust, and they evidently won't rent to a trust fund - which seems a bit weird, since NY tends to be trust fund baby city. Also, when they ran a credit check on me, they found that I owed Chase Manhattan nearly $8,000, which seems to send up a red flag. In fact, I have received a settlement notice from Chase's collection people which states that they will settle for $2,915.87, which will be available to me by the end of the week, so problem solved right? Um, no. Seems that the fact that you have EVER owed money that went into collection screws your credit rating for seven years. Well, if this continues to be a problem, come by the pup tent that I'll be pitching on the corner for the next seven years until I can find a goddamn place to live.

So I called in a favor, and went to a friend who happens to be my kid's ex-boss who is connected to real estate...and this all looks sort of promising.

Oh, dear God, it just goes on and on. I have spent the entire day sitting at the kitchen table in my bathrobe fielding phone calls and emails from trustee and real estate person, and many wonderful supportive messages on Facebook, and I am exhausted. I have no idea where the HELL I'm going to be living next month, there are 15 people (or so) coming over for Thanksgiving, and I'm exhausted with this whole goddamn thing. Also, I twitch. And shiver.

I think the best thing I can do at this moment is focus on Thanksgiving and my usual quandary about the green beans. What do you think? 15 people...given that 1/4 pound is usually one serving of something...but I guess that's really meat, isn't it? I mean, with the brussels sprouts and the yams and the mashed potatoes and the stuffing (oh, yeah, and the turkey) (maybe a small ham) think I could get away with two pounds of green beans? Like I did last year and the year before that and the year before that...and so forth?

Trust me...I think I'm a LOT better off at the moment obsessing about green beans than about anything else.

You will wave at my little pup tent in the middle of Christopher Street, won't you?

Love, Wendy


Jane K. Schott said...

Wendy, I hate when folks say this happens for a reason...WTF? But you are too nice a person to be in this jam. I was also caught up in the credit score shit and believe me they have us by the short hairs on just about anything these days.

You have fed, comforted, laughed with and helped too many folks out for this to go sideways. That perfect apartment is just waiting for you out there.

I am hoping that this Thanksgiving when you shut your eyes before you dig in all your needs will be cool and you will be truly grateful.

Rock on!

Anonymous said...

Where's Nucky Thompson when you need him?
Also, have learned during my retirement, that 1 1/2 beers at 10 am can sometimes do the trick:)
Your #1 fan,
Texas Beth

Anonymous said...

Awww, the trust fund baby has problems renting an apartment in Stuy town?

Learn to do sh*t on your own you loser.

Anonymous said...

Okay Anonymous Asshole,
You obviously haven't been reading Wendy's blog from the beginning... or you wouldn't feel/say what you did. That was totally unwarranted, unnecessary, unkind, untrue, etc, etc. Read another person's blog goof ball.
Texas Beth

Karena said...

Uncalled for Anon, and I am sorry Wendy delete the comment and don't even think of it!!

It is a real challenge in these times.

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Jane K. Schott said...

What a jerk! You know who you are...