Monday, October 18, 2010

Back in the Javits Again....

Why did I remember so many things about the horrors of working in the Javits Center (bring your lunch and snacks, remember that the only affordable coffee is out back by the loading dock, there is nowhere to eat lunch in any comfort whatsoever), while forgetting the main thing...the first day of the Interop Expo is when they set up the Exhibit Hall and LEAVE THE LOADING DOCK OPEN ALL DAY. Aside from the usual pigeons wandering around indoors, the result of this is that an icy wind blows through the whole place for all of your 12 hours there.

Long underwear tomorrow...and boy, does that ever feel sillier than shit in October.

Love, Wendy

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Anonymous said...

Okay... only you could make Temp work sound interesting! You have the most genuine, wry perspective... love it!!
Were you in last BE? Sitting at table during meeting with dead dogs around your neck?
Your #1 Fan,
Texas Beth