Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Oh, Honestly!

Well, I never did make yoga on Monday. So much for my plan of going three times this week. Yes, I know I could (having gone today) go tomorrow and Friday, but my body just looks at me when I suggest this to it with an expression that says, "Not in this life." I'll try for three times next week.

You know, I wish all these people messing about in my life would go the hell away. Monday night the gal from building management (a real sweetie) came over and we discussed the cleaning and refurbishment setup here. We decided that since we weren't having any luck (or I wasn't) in getting Joshua to get his junk the hell out of the house, we would start upstairs, because between the two of us, Sarah and I have essentially cleaned out a LOT of stuff.

Or at any rate, that's what I thought we decided (I mean, we talked about it for forty minutes - I was definitely clear on the concept). Then Bill the trustee called the next morning (i.e., yesterday) and insisted that no, we had to do the living room first, and therefore all of Joshua's stuff had to be out within the next two days. I carefully explained that Liz had been over and we had discussed...oh, you know.

Now there's absolutely no reason for doing the living room first. The whole house is being done anyway - what on earth is the difference where it starts? And, as I made clear to Bill (at the top of my lungs, by this point), NOBODY WILL GIVE ME A SCHEDULE.

Look, I used to work for a living. Things happen at this time, or that time. At noon, maybe, or Tuesday. "The cleaners are coming in" is NOT a schedule - it's a remark. I am one of those people who work best under a deadline. Tell me that a crew of cleaners will be coming on Wednesday, and by God, whatever needs to be done before that will be done and everything will be ready. But for God's sake, don't leave me hanging, because I will simply turn over and read a book until I actually know what's going on.

After this phone call with Bill (I still had some vague notion of going to a Tuesday yoga class until the phone rang), I said the hell with it and stomped upstairs to play with my computer and steam for a the middle of which Joshua phoned (yeah, from downstairs - cell phones make people very lazy) to ask me to make potatoes au gratin for dinner. Can it be made very clear that this was entirely the wrong moment to ask this question? Particularly he'd decided that his brain tumor was bothering him and was having a lovely day curled up in the den watching movies?

Oh, and I forgot to mention that just before Bill called, one of my temp agencies called to tell me that, sorry, they didn't need me on the job they'd just called me for...doing a tour guide bit on the Intrepid. Thanks so much. This agency has a tendency to do this to me...calling me, giving me a job and all the particulars of same, and calling back the next day to tell me, oh, no, it's been cancelled.

After that I said the hell with it and went out to look at a yarn store I'd read about (Lion Brand, 15th between 5th and 6th, should you care) (yes, I knit), and then - oh, why not - I went to Trader Joe's to pick up the ingredients for the damn potatoes.

Frankly, by the time I got back (the trip included ANOTHER damn phone call from Bill while I was on the bus, letting me know he's talked to Liz and what I'd said was right - well, I already KNEW that - still no schedule), I was dead. And Lion In Winter was on TV, so I got all the ironing done and two pairs of pants hemmed (you try being 5'3" in a 5'6" world), because that damn temp agency might call again and I'd need my business casual stuff. Now I was REALLY dead. I figured the hell with it - I'll make the damn potatoes tomorrow. I went downstairs to eat something, and don't you know that Joshua came prowling up to ask about the potatoes (it was now 9 at night) and when I told him they'd be coming up today, he said quite huffily, "Well, the pork will be bad by then." I should now like to hear a nice loud chorus of "Fuck you, buddy." Really - you destroy my living room with your junk, refuse to leave the house, etc., etc., ad infinitum - and now you're going to get huffy because after dealing with the mess YOU caused (by not leaving), YOU SERIOUSLY WANT ME TO COOK FOR YOU?

Today, however, has been much better. I got to yoga class, the weather is lovely, and now I'm going to go clear out Sarah's room. I'm so thrilled I may gag.

And tomorrow I'm going to the library! Wow, just endless fun around here.

Hey, wow! Sudden update! Just as I was doing some editing, the phone rang, and it was lovely Central Casting - costume fitting tomorrow and shooting Monday for something called Salt, in which I will be portraying a Russian lady at a wedding! YAY! Suddenly things look enormously better.

Love, Wendy

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